Barry’s Bootcamp

My Block My Hood My City


My Block, My Hood, My City provides youth from divested neighborhoods with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood. They take students on explorations focused on Vocation/Education, Arts Expression, Culinary Experiences, and Recreation. In 5 years of its existence, M3’s programming has taken young Chicagoans to hundreds of exploration sites, both within the city and beyond. M3 embraces the concept of providing others the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines in an effort to gain an understanding of the world. We acknowledge this mission as expanding our perspective of the world. Expanding our perspective is how we can acknowledge diversity in our communities, understand our neighbors, and act in kindness accordingly with each other and for each other. We support every bit of M3’s mission, and are big, big fans.


Your Reach team organized a Barry’s Bootcamp workout that the Barry’s team so graciously ran for us for free, so that we could bring together 42 of our friends around Chicago to come together on a Saturday afternoon and workout together. We all committed to a $35 donation, and came together to sweat through the workout. This $35 donation from each of us is by no means life changing, but all of us committing to this together, from nothing, accumulated to much more impact than we could have done alone. We showed up and did our part that day with financial support for M3’s mission. Some M3 teammates were in attendance to remind us the mission we are supporting, and following the workout, we all shared a beverage at the local watering hole. M3 is an incredible mission here in Chicago, and we will continue to do our part in partnership with them.


In total, we raised $1,500+ in donation for M3. We all are familiar with the phrase “many hands makes light work.” That is by no means always the case, but we can admit that addressing key community challenges becomes more approachable when we have a community to band together with in doing so. This is a fact: you, yourself, cannot change the course of the world, the country, or our community. However, we can lead by inviting others to follow our perspective, our actions, our intentions, and that, in turn, will expand our impact and allow this change to happen. We act, we learn, we grow, and if we can continue to hold each other accountable to drive this action…our positive impact on our community, and in essence, our world, will continue to expand. What we did at Barry’s was cool, and on to today ????

Your dear friend,
Charlie Hoover

Founder, Chicago Reach