Run For Gus 2021


Young Associates Board (YAB) is a non-profit affiliated organization of Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. They are a group committed to providing hope for children with brain tumors. Since their inception in 2000, the YAB has raised $2.2MM to fund critical research and patient support programs through events like the annual Run for Gus. In addition to support research, the YAB provides service-oriented events to support the families impacted by this disease.  Life is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. We celebrate every day of safety and good health, appreciating that any day, that could change in a flash. This group’s commitment and ability to acknowledge those in real need of hope, happiness, and support (financial, physical, mental, or emotional) is truly inspiring, and we, your Reach community, are big, big fans.


Each year, the YAB organizes the Run for Gus 5k walk / run. It was formed in memory of Gus Evangelides, a boy that lost his battle with a brain tumor just three months shy of his second birthday. Now, his inspiring legacy lives on. Your Reach team gathered together and joined many others in the annual Run for Gus this September, ending up at Diversey Harbor eating pizza, enjoying some adult beverages, and listening to some live music on what turned out to be a pretty epic Fall night. It’s a small commitment, showing up to walk / run on a nice Fall night with your friends. However, bringing friends, families, and communities together united under one common understanding and appreciation for those kids battling brain cancer makes waves. We will continue to do our part.



The YAB raised $142,954 this year from Run for Gus. Many around Chicago have heard a story, known someone, or had a friend or family member have a battle with cancer. The helplessness and hopelessness that accompanies such diseases is terrifying. To have the YAB acknowledge a story like Gus’s, and carry on his legacy through this annual event is exactly the symbol of hope that our community needs. We all can do our part in coming together, acknowledging and appreciating the battle against brain tumors some of our youth fight against every single day. The YAB has helped provide support across the board in gathering resources needed to raise the hope for these kids, and we, your Reach community, fully stand by in support of this mission. Your individual impact may feel small, but our impact as a community, all together, has and will continue to rise to help drive this mission and help as many kids in their battles with brain cancer as possible. Keep a lookout for the annual Run for Gus event next September. You will want to be there – it was cool. We need more collective efforts like this from more great people like these in our world. Anyway, on to today ????

Your dear friend,
Charlie Hoover

Founder, Chicago Reach